For the Love of ART by VISUALS, Squamish Valley Artists

Art opening: January 16 | 7-8:30pm
January 15 – February 23, 2018

For the Love of ART

Have you ever thought about why the two words ‘love’ and ‘art’ go hand in hand? VISUALS, The Squamish Valley Artists, have been busy exploring this theme in their exhibit ‘For the Love of ART’.

In general artists are crazy passionate about what they do! The process of creating transports the artist into another realm where they challenge themselves to observe or let intuition flow, efficiently crossing the barrier of communication and culture. Art is universal — the visual language of love.

Marked by vibrant colour, painter Jane Keyes doesn’t care much about regulations and protocols in art but she loves to have fun. Her stylized abstract and semi-representational acrylic paintings encompass a wide range of subjects expressing a whimsical view of the stunning Sea to Sky Corridor, where the mountains, the forests and the ocean steal every scene. Keyes admits, “I don’t spend a lot of time mulling over what inspired me. It feels so pretentious! I just like mucking about with art supplies. I love colour and I love texture, so I try to let the media take me wherever it likes.”

Giving shape and colours to what is on your mind is a challenge. Creating an admirable work of art is not that easy but contemporary realism painter Angela Muellers rises to the challenge. The level of detail that goes into her pieces could be described as incomprehensible. Muellers exhibits a piece with a theme exploring the changing seasons and nature. She divulges, “We usually associate a more feminine energy to spring. I am playing with an idea of the feminine as spring following winter.”

At the instant an artist immerses into ‘creative mode’ their thoughts and emotions change. A psychological shift takes place where they forget about doubts and anxieties. Artist Michiko Splinter creates expressions of gratitude. Her vistas have evolved into a more intuitive painting style. “Now I focus more on what I feel, rather than what I really see. In ‘A Moment of Beauty’ I enhanced the color of the sky and developed that as the focus of the painting,” says Splinter.

Art makes you look at the world differently. You learn to observe minutely and tend to see things which you could never see before. Elena Whitman confesses about her latest obsession, “I have always been fascinated by the beauty of Sea to Sky corridor and enchanted by people who live here. Human portraiture became my new idée fixe. I decided to go back to the very basics of Academic drawing, switching to graphite and charcoal. I’m exploring human anatomy fundamentals illustrating and capturing the essence of the human forms. This time in my new artistic pursuit I turned to the magnificent David’s sculpture by Michelangelo Buonarroti.”

Whether it be designs, color-combinations or subjects, many artists draw inspiration from their surroundings. West coast adventure artist Toby Jaxon affirms, “Nature is alive with vibrating colour and animating spirit; this observation is confirmed in the views I enjoy from my own backyard and informs many of my canvasses.”  Easily accessible high mountain trails provide an abundance of stunning views of the Howe Sound region and for this passionate artist, it translates into new artful compositions derived from the vastness and mystery of nature…where the unconscious speaks in ways beyond words! Jaxon’s works feature vivid contrasting colour and multiple perspective.

The exhibit also include the following artists: Dee-Ann LeBlanc; Marcelle Armatage; Lenny Rubenovitch; Nicole Chomechko; Penelope Kalopisi Kennedy; Scandinavia Wolf Design; Andrea Andres

VISUALS artists present their dreams to the world, taking up the challenge and proceeding through the adventurous journey of creating that piece to relish, all for the love of art!