Photo credit: Leah Martin, Alana Govenlock, Chantelle Pellerin


Photography Exhibit

Tuesday April 12th – Tuesday May 10th, 2016
Photographers include: Anastasia Chomlack and Sara Spectrum; Darby Magill; Ross Tripp; Alanna Govenlock; Leah Martin; and Chantelle Pellerin

Photography is about individual interpretation. Of course the practical elements of light, subject and framing are all important, but how the photographer sees these elements is what creates a powerful and meaningful image. The best photographs can convey emotion, provide a new perspective and allow room for imaginative interpretation all while standing alone to tell a story. Local photographers give us a glimpse of how they see the world.


Alanna Govenlock

Alanna is a professional photographer whose main focus is humans. From portraits to weddings, her focus is to use images to convey emotion and tell a story within each frame.

Alanna’s roots are in film. Her passion for photography originated with her dad’s old Pentax MX and learning to develop her own work in the darkroom. She trained professionally at Western Academy of Photography before transitioning to the digital world and starting her career.

Artist Statement: This series is a sort of rebellion to the traditional portrait, using a unique technique called ‘freelensing’, which causes a small point of focus coupled with under-exposing of the image to create a dark, moody and mysterious tonality to each subject. See more of Alanna’s work.

Anastasia Chomlack1

Anastasia Chomlack & Sara Spectrum

Anastasia’s artist statement: For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by life and the way people inhabit it. Photography for me became a way to unearth the details, the authentic moments, the chaos and the love – a way to coax life into frames worthy of remembrance. See more of Anastasia’s work.

Sara’s artist statement:My intention with art & imagery is to reflect the way i see and connect with the world, to step outside of my self and collect the bits & pieces of life: the love, the light, so deserving of attention – ultimately transforming this unravelling fleeting reality into frames, into art. See more of Sara’s work.


Chantelle Pellerin

Chantelle is a photographer and model whose photography portfolio focuses on fashion, landscape, and portraiture.
Chantelle attended Focal Point Photography School in Vancouver, B.C., and received a degree in Fashion Design at Blanche MacDonald. Her work has been featured in international publications and media.
See more of Chantelle’s work.


Darby Magill

Darby Magill was introduced to photography at a young age. Her grandfather had a darkroom in his basement and as a child Darby wondered what it was all about. Finally in high school she started to take a couple photography courses and began understanding how to expose and develop her own images. After a decade or so, Darby turned her passion into a profession. “With a strong focus on portraiture, I also have a love for travel and architectural photography” she said. See more of Darby’s work. @darbymagill

Artist Statement: This series of images is titled “Portrait of a Girl”. My focus was to capture a series of portraits of women, including myself, with an environmental influence and a nod to fashion.

Exhibition - Leah Martin-2

Leah Martin

Leah Martin is a wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of Whistler, BC. She loves to capture the joy and beauty in the everyday, from the intimate moments that her clients share, to the outdoor adventures that are a part of her daily life. It is not unusual to see her climbing trees at weddings, or wading chest deep into water to get the shot. See more of Leah’s work.

Artist Statement: I am greatly inspired by the places I’ve lived, and those places I’ve travelled. The West Coast, from the beaches to the coastal mountain range, and the towering forest that lay between – so much of my inspiration is fueled by these landscapes. I opted to take a different approach from the portraits I normally take, to turn my attention to our incredible landscape. As we say farewell to winter, I reflected back on some of my favorite days to pull my camera out. Those grey bird days that have an almost monotone feel to them. Sheets of rain falling from the sky, fog, clouds in and out of the trees. The simple things. I decided on black and white as the contrast between the light and dark is something that I am always drawn to.


Ross Tripp

Ross Tripp has always been a storyteller. On his 19th birthday, he was given his first camera – a Canon 35mm film SLR. “It was only natural from that moment on that I would start to tell stories with my camera. Visual stories,” he said. With an assortment of cameras and films, Ross prefers not to limit himself to any certain area of photography, adding “I like taking photos of anything, at any given time. I like colour; I like texture; I like people; it’s whatever catches my eye. With so many interesting personalities, colours and shapes in this world, I make sure to take my camera with me at all times.” See more of Ross’s work.

Artist Statement: Sea What I Mean – A collection of 35mm photographs taken whilst roaming around the West Coast.