Mountain Culture Exhibit – Millennium Place

Dec 15th – February 7th, 2015


There’s no denying Whistler has a unique culture, but how do we define it? Do we merely gather to celebrate skiing and snowboarding in the winter, or is there more to it? How far do the arts influence the sports and the sports influence the arts? Visitors travel from all over the world to experience the essence of Whistler and take a piece of it with them: the locals, the fashion, the sports – all of which are influenced by the arts. With every visitor’s experience comes the inevitable: the stories, the moments, and the passion. Because once you’ve been to Whistler, you’ll know what it is that keeps you coming back. Again and again.

This exhibit showcased elements of Whistler’s mountain culture through the lenses and stories of local artists and athletes, who discussed how creativity and art influenced them in the world of sports.

Exhibitors Include: Blake Jorgenson, Dagan Beach, Vanessa Stark, Kris Kupskay, Catherine Mitchell Roy, Andy Anissimoff, Andrea Mueller, Rich Glass, Sean St. Denis, Stacey Bodnaruk, Mark Gribbon, Bradley Slack, Geoff Holman, Cormac O’Brien, Ben Haggar, Siobhan Allen, Funk Skis, Katie Zessel, Pierre Tremblay, Gary Wayne Skis, Prior, Whistler Museum, Whistler Adaptive Sports Program, Whistler Blackcomb, Spearhead Huts Committee, and Mountain Life Magazine.