Photography Exhibit

Produced by the Whistler Museum in partnership with GoFest, RMOW, The Gallery


May 16 – June 13, 2016

For more than 3 decades, as mountain biking has woven itself into the fabric of Whistler’s outdoor community, our distinct biking scene has increasingly spread its influence across the world. Featuring the work dozens of local riders, including some of the world’s leading mountain bike photographers and athletes, this exhibit will showcase the trails, terrain, talent, and passion that makes mountain biking in Whistler special. Find out more.

This exhibit is produced by the Whistler Museum, as part of Mountain Bike Heritage Week, with generous support from the RMOW, and in partnership with GO Fest and The Gallery at Maury Young Arts Centre.

PHOTOGRAPHERS INCLUDE: Reuben Krabbe, Robin O’Neill, Brian Finestone, Patrick Hui,Nic Teichrob, Greg Griffith, Sean St. Denis, Mattias Fredriksson, Margus Riga, Sterling Lorence, Vanessa Stark, Eric Poulin, Vince Shuley, Thomas Rasek, Mason Mashon, Ben Lees


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