July 15th – August 16th 2017

Art opening Monday July 17th from 8pm – 9:30pm

What do you feel when you see a circle, a square, a triangle? Are you affected the same way upon seeing an object with curves as you are by an object with sharp edges?  Lines, shapes have an endless variety of characteristics, each communicating different messages to the audience. Lines and shapes both have an array of meanings and help artists to build their “Visual grammar” or language.  Artists participating in the Lines and Shapes exhibition were given free range to explore the theme in any format, medium and subject matter.

Artists Include: Stan Matwychuk, Davin, Penny Eder, Dave Petko, The Incredible Amoeba, Monty Montgomery, Andrea Mueller and Arne Gutmann, Randoid, Anne Popma, Scott Stephens, Doerte Barker, Hayley Wirsching.