Baz Carolan

Baz is a painter who has been living and working in Whistler, BC since 2011. Originally from Ireland where he picked up drawing at a young age, Baz used anything he could get his hands on, sometimes with bad consequences, though ultimately developing his style. With aerosols and paint markers as the main ingredients of his palette, these days his work consists of mostly various mixed media, in all shapes and sizes. Focusing primarily on obscure subject matter and the use of bright complimentary colours and bold dark outlines, Baz has found inspiration in mediums such as graphic design, illustration, and graffiti. Baz has had exhibited his work in State of the Art and Artwalk. He has also been involved in various group exhibitions with the Whistler Arts Council and produced numerous Pique newspaper magazine covers. His work is currently displayed in Showcase Snowboards in Whistler Village or on his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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