Gallantry Cards 

Gallantry Cards is the result of two good friends, separated by distance and a time zone.

Danielle and Andrea began exchanging handwritten letters, cards and photos to stay in touch – at Gallantry, we believe that a text and an emoticon simply won’t do.

Throw in red wine, a healthy dose of cynicism and a touch of bitter, and you have our not-so-secret recipe.

We believe that cards and good sentiments shouldn’t just be for the special days. Pause for a minute at the card aisle in your local grocery store – there are cards for weddings, cards for birthdays, cards to thank people, and cards for probably forgotten anniversaries.

But at Gallantry, we believe in that card you give on a Tuesday afternoon in June, for absolutely no reason whatsoever. The cards that remind your wife to take out the garbage. The cards you give to your best friend, because that’s what you do. We believe in cards for the tough times – like break-ups and weddings.

We believe people need something that makes them smile, and that lets them know they’re not alone (even when they, for all intents and purposes, are).

Gallantry Cards – we can’t promise you’ll like us. But, our grammar is impeccable.