Call for Artists for Group Shows

We are looking for artists who want to show their work in 3 upcoming exhibits this fall in the Arts Centre. You can apply to one or all three show through this one form (link below). The show themes are varied and all mediums will be considered. These will be highly publicized through our Fall for Arts Campaign with fun opening nights.


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ART DUE at Maury Young Arts Centre: September 20th
October 4th – October 25th
Opening: Thursday October 5th

We are looking for art that helps the view question their perspectives and helps shine a light on our unconscious biases. How can art help us challenge and change the status quo? How do you see societal norms and sometimes rile against them? What makes you angry? What needs to be changed? This group exhibition showcases work that comments on the current political climate, raises awareness and generates discourse about issues related to cultural identity and equality. With special guest Vancouver based artist Sandeep Johal

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ART DUE at Maury Young Arts Centre: October 20th
November 1 – December 4th 
Opening Thursday November 2

Out with the old and in with the new. Held before the Holiday season – Artists are asked to create at least one art piece each using found or recycled materials (think old paintings, furniture, bikes, skis, sculptures, clothing. The possibilities are endless). In addition to this those who are accepted will be able to sell original art and prints to clear out their studios and make space for new work. Artists Studio Sale on November 2nd right in time for the holiday season.

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ART DUE at Maury Young Arts Centre: November 20th
December 7th – January 7th
Opening night Thursday December 7th

Welcome to the uncharted North; this show kicks off the winter season! We are looking for a collection of art including big mountain photography, painted hockey sticks, winter landscapes, 1980’s Canadian pop culture etc. Everything winter and everything Whistler.

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The Gallery at the Arts Centre – Open call – ongoing

Are you looking for a venue to showcase your work in Whistler Village? The Gallery is available to artists to exhibit their work. Arts Whistler is accepting ideas and applications for group shows on an ongoing basis (group shows are preferred; however, artists may apply individually and Arts Whistler may offer the opportunity for a solo applicant to be paired with a group show). Arts Whistler is accepting proposals, in every medium including painting, new media, large sculpture, fiber art, film etc. from students, emerging artists, professional artists and everyone in between.

The Gallery includes two secure glass display cases and two plinths which are available for exhibition purposes. These can hold both small and large items. Large-scale sculptural work and installations will also be considered. The Gallery also has one flat screen television and a state-of-the-art projector, both of which are capable of playing high-def videos and professional-grade slideshows.

Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis and all applications will be filed for future openings in The Gallery. Successful artists will be contacted via email.

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*Kindly note: we are unable to spontaneously view portfolios during business hours and meetings with artists will not be conducted prior to portfolio review.

The Gift Shop at the Arts Centre – Open call – ongoing

Arts Whistler is looking for submissions from artists and artisans who would like to showcase their work in our main floor Gift Shop, with the possibility of selling their work.

We accept work from permanent residents of the Sea to Sky Corridor; those living between Lions Bay and Lillooet. In order to sell work in the Gift Shop we ask that artists and artisans complete the online application form. Only those forms that are completed in full will be considered for selection. Applications will be reviewed by a jury. Successful applicants will be contacted via email.

All work should be of a fine art quality. Eligible mediums can include: sculpture, stone, clay, metal, pottery, fibre, mixed media, wood, music CDs, books, fine art jewellery. We also accept cards and prints that are reproductions of original silkscreens, photography or fine art paintings. Sorry, we are not accepting beaded jewellery at this time.

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For more calls for entry, please visit the Arts Whistler website.